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Drones: Why you and Kanye West shouldn’t fear them

Last week we talked about how important the human element is to marketing and advertising; this week we’re talking about something that seems to scare the living bejesus out of humans—drones.

Since their introduction, drones have been instilling the fear into the hearts of the majority of freedom loving, red blooded americans and one of them in particular, Mr. Kanye actually believes there are paparazzi out their that may accidently electrocute his daughter with them see here. That said, drone photography has all the components to be grounded before it ever really takes flight. Why is that you ask? Well let’s see…

Invasion of privacy:  ✔

dangerous unmanned aircraft in manned airspace:  ✔

unharnessed technology that could potential be used for mischief-making:  ✔

The list goes on and on…

That said, we’re living in a time where suspicion and concern over privacy are at an all-time high. The country is caught up in cold war fever part deux and Edward Snowden has pretty much convinced everyone and their mother that the government is watching and listing to every single move and sound we make. Not to mention the idea of this, when coupled with this, can easily lead one to believe that this can’t be far off.

Truth be told, you’re probably doing more to map out your day to day life in cyber-space for everyone to see then a drone is ever going to. So let’s take a few minutes to scale back the paranoia, maybe stop tagging ourselves every time we walk from the living room to the kitchen  and educate ourselves on something super cool.

So what are drones doing on an art and design blog anyway? National security has no place in artistic realm, right? Well wrong, but I’ll get more into that in a future post. For now let’s enjoy the amazing photograph seen here—behold Dronestagram (www.dronestagr.am).

Now that you’ve had a chance to enjoy one of the truly amazing photos I’ve ever seen (I actually thought this was fake at first glance) check out these here, here and here.

After viewing these photos on my Facebook feed, I had to learn more. I logged onto Dronestagram and it has instantly become my current favorite photography site on the web. The layout is easy to understand and the interface is super simple, two of my favorite qualities in a webpage. I poured through the pages and found each page seemed to bring to life a new angle of nature I’d never seen with my own eyes.

In addition to great photos from perspectives that only pilots and frequent flyers get to enjoy, they also run contests (the current contest is closed but check out the results here.

Another great aspect of Dronestagram is it shines a spotlight on artists pushing the boundaries of an existing technology. By doing so, Dronestagram and its users have essentially turned the photography world on its head.

So what’s one of these bad boys going to set you back you ask?

Well, that depends. Like anything, the prices tend to vary; and like anything you also get what you pay for. After some researching, I was surprised to find that drones are quite affordable for just about anyone. Prices vary but a drone will generally set you back anywhere from $299.99 – $1499.99, depending on how crazy you want to go. The great thing about them is most come with a camera mount which is compatible with another nifty photographic phenomenon, the GoPro Camera and several like this one, actually come with a 14 megapixel camera so it’s easy to get started. Each also comes with a mounting devices which is compatible with different types of cameras for customization, and the mid to upper level priced vehicles are quite durable and most reviews lauded them for being simple to operate and easy to repair.

So now that I’m done droning on about these unmanned photographic miracle makers, fire up amazon, get yourself a drone and start snapping some crazy aerial photos or your own. Or If your like the other 90% of the population, you may want to just to simply pull up a chair and enjoy Dronestagram from your computer. Either way I’m sure everyone will enjoy so check it out!